100% pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters bred for hunting by hunters Welcome to Hunting Hills Llewellins! We are a small breeder located near central Minnesota. It is our belief that you will find no better gun dog than the Llewllin Setter! Our dogs provide us with companionship on and off the field and we consider them to be part of our family. We are avid hunters and work our dogs every chance we get. We currently only have one dam and one sire so we do not breed very often. Because we do not have a regular schedule for breeding, we do not take reservations for future litters. Instead we will post our current litter along with each puppy’s description, current picture and availability. We prefer to send our puppies to hunting homes only and do require a contract be signed. This is a hunting breed and we believe they should be allowed to do what they are bred for. If you are not hunters, you may still purchase a puppy from us, but we want you to be aware of the exercise needs of this breed as well as their hunting instinct. We invite you to explore our website. If you should have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.           No puppies available